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The 2021 Festival is now over and was a big success!  

You can see recordings of most of the workshops on our YouTube channel.

sunday, 21st

Your Vegan/Vegetarian Kitchen: Basics, Family Friendly and Local!
10 - 11 am

Presenter: Kim, 10C

Cost: FREE with a Donation Option.

Event Description: New to Vegetarian or Vegan cooking? Need family friendly foods? Looking for local and healthy sources of vegetable protein? This workshop is for you! Learn a new recipe and have fun! 

Presenter Bio: Nourish is a kitchen that helps 10C and community partners improve wellbeing, reduce food insecurity and increase connection. Kim ran her own restaurant the "Hello Darling Cafe" in Toronto for many years before joining 10C as the Nourish Kitchen Manager. Kim has been a vegetarian since she was 8 and grew up in a mixed vegan-vegetarian family.

Nourish Kitchen.png
Nourish Kitchen - Kim England.jpg
Active Hope: Resilience in Challenging Times
11 am - 1 pm CANCELLED

Presenter: Sally Ludwig

Cost: Free or by donation, depending on your means; suggested donation $20-$50; all donations support the work of Transition Guelph

Event Description: Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed with challenges – personal and family, cultural and political, planetary – especially now, during pandemic times? The practice of Active Hope gives us courage to stay present without freaking out, burning out, numbing out or losing heart. This interactive zoom session will offer a welcoming space to be as you are, find gratitude and perspective, and connect to new possibilities for empowered action.

Presenter Bio: Sally Ludwig has worked to help community, groups, and families grow healthier and more resilient for several decades. A retired relational therapist, she facilitates The Work That Reconnects, collaborates in Regenerative Leadership courses for the Transition movement, and volunteers in local justice and deep ecology projects.

Active Hope book cover image.jpg
Sally Ludwig, presenter of Active Hope workshop
Nurturing the Inner Self
1 - 2 pm

Presenter: Jessica Short, of Willow-Ray Healing

Cost: Donation

Event Description: Nurturing the Inner Self is an important piece to community resilience. Just as we tend to our Earth, it is equally as important that we do this with ourselves, so that we can rise up and shine our brightest from the heart, and meet others from that place. Our past experiences shape us in many ways, and store energy in our bodies that subconsciously manifest in non-harmonious ways, at times, causing relating to come from a place of hurt, or false narratives. In this session you will learn how to connect to these energy blocks and transmute them, so you can begin to show up from a true place of love and generate harmony.  

Presenter Bio: Jessica Short, of Willow-Ray Healing, is a Psychic Guide and Energy Practitioner. She works on an energetic and somatic level to reveal, transmute, and heal blocks so we can show up fully in our heart centred Self. She works with those who are looking to deepen their relationship with Self, Spirit, and others, those who are feeling stuck on their path, and guides clients through the journey of healing old traumas, patterns, and programming that may be blocking them from living their full life. 

Link to recording:

Nurturing the Inner Self workshop
Jess Short, presenter at Resilience Festival
3 - 4 pm

Presenter: Alex Savatti, MA

Cost: Free

Confirmed Time: Sunday, March 21st, 3-4pm

Event Description: It does sound idyllic, doesn't it? The good life. Living close to the land. Tending the soil and looking after communities. Why aren't more people doing it then? Of those that are, why are they farming like they do? Join Alex Savatti as he takes a deeper dive into the conversation of place-based relationships and how they involve young farmers. Looking at perceptions and values of both conventional and alternative farmers in his MA research, Alex will shed some light on possible avenues to attract more young people back to the land in healthy, holistic ways that can set up our communities for a healthy food future. 

Link to Recording:

Getting Young People Back to the Land
Alex Savatti, presenter at Resilience Festival
Zero Waste Living
7 - 8 pm

PresenterNancy Lotecki-Neely 

Cost: Free

Event Description: Join this session to learn what Zero Waste is all about, why waste matters and practical tips for reducing waste in your life. Learn how to reduce waste in the home, at the grocery store and even on the go. We’ll cover the benefits of reducing waste and share some simple actions you can try today!

Presenter Bio: Nancy Lotecki-Neely is a local Caledon resident who strives for zero waste living by reducing her waste, minimizing her use of plastic and living a greener lifestyle. Nancy has a Master's in Science and a Master’s in Environmental Health. She is the founder of Zero Waste Caledon, a local environmental initiative that aims to inspire people to live simpler and more sustainable lifestyles. She is also the owner of, where you can learn more about zero waste living! 

Link to Recording:

Nancy L - zero waste presenter, Resilience Festival.jpeg


Meal Prepping to Avoid Waste
7 - 8 pm


Presenter: Celeste Lopreiato, The Conscious Kitchen

Cost: Free with donation option

Event Description:  In this session you will learn how to plan healthy & simple meals in a way that helps you prevent wasted food & money. We will go over meal planning, how to create shopping lists, proper fridge & pantry storage of food, and quick ways to redirect produce that's on its way out. 

Presenter Bio: Celeste Lopreiato is the owner of The Conscious Kitchen, a local prepared meal company which specializes in creating zero-waste and plant-based meals using organic and local ingredients. She has a deep passion for farming, preserving, and making ethically & environmentally farmed food more accessible. 

Celeste No Waste Meal Prep presentation at Resilience Festival.jpg
Meal Prepping to Avoid Waste.png


7 - 8 pm

PresenterIan Findlay, Woodside Root Cellars

Cost: Free

Event Description: Ian Findlay’s session (along with help from Steve Tedesco, Chair of Transition Guelph), will present a workshop on the benefits of root cellaring. He will also share ideas on how to create your own root cellar or how his new start up, Woodside Root Cellars, could help. 

Presenter Bio: Ian is a community organizer, businessman, constructor and long-time Guelph resident.

Link to Recording:

Root Cellaring
Root Cellaring Main Photo.PNG
Root Cellaring -Ian Findlay.jpg


No workshops this evening.

thursday, 25th

Keynote: 2021 – a year of looming Risk and big Change.  Exactly what Transition Guelph was founded for.
TG LOGO 44486b (Transparent).png
7 - 8:30 pm

Presenter: Steve Tedesco, BMath, FSA, FCIA (retired), Transition Guelph

Description: Transition Guelph is part of a global movement that uses positive visioning to help communities adapt to a rapidly changing world and to become better stewards of our environment.   Take a whirlwind tour of the risks and threats we face in 2021 and beyond, then ask “What could go right?”.   As it becomes clearer and clearer that we’re unlikely to return to the ‘normal’ we grew up with, discover why Transition was founded and how you can position yourself and your community for the big changes. 

Presenter Bio: Steve is a retired actuary, a full time regenerative farmer (Coyote Hollow Farms) and Transition Guelph Board Chair.   He and his wife Marie gave up corporate urban life and have been practicing ecological farming near Guelph Lake for 10 years.   Steve’s career as an actuary evaluating risk plus his insatiable curiosity about how the world works has led to over 30 years of study on the interplay of the environment, the economy and energy.  All three are inextricably linked and in accelerating decline.   Fortunately there are many imaginative minds working on how we manage our collective predicament and offer hope for a better, but different future.

Link to recording:

Steve Tedesco, , presenter at Resilience Festival
lighthouse storm.jpg


7 - 8 pm

PresenterTanya Lucia

Cost: Free

Event Description: Songs with meaningful lyrics related to resilience have been selected. We will read through some of the lyrics of each song and I will demonstrate the dance movements that accompany the song. Then we shall dance together, keeping the lyrics in mind, allowing the body to move as it pleases and whatever emotions surface to be felt.

Presenter Bio: Tanya Lucia is currently a being that is looking to fully accept and love all parts of themself. They want to cultivate the light that they know exists within, but is hard to let shine and walk along with others who wish to do the same.

Link to recording:

Dances of an Elastic Band
Dances of an Elastic Band.jpg
Tanya Lucia, , presenter at Resilience Festival

saturday, 27th

10 - 11 am

Presenter: Collete Mesher, Miel Rebel Honey

Cost: Free 

Event Description: Although we are most used to seeing Honey Bees on flowers, they actually spend a huge part of their lives in the dark. So how do they communicate? How do they recognise each other? Come and learn about the fascinating lives of Honey Bees from a local beekeeper and biologist.

Presenter Bio: Colette Mesher is a biologist who loves bees and horses. As the principal beekeeper of Miel Rebel Honey, based in Guelph Ontario, I focus on local honey, harvested and extracted by hand as well as other hive products. There are multiple ways to engage with the bees, from hosting a hive in your own backyard, to taking online and in person courses.

Link to Recording: 

The Secret Life of Honey Bees
Miel Rebel Honey
Collette Mesher, , presenter at Resilience Festival
Fun with Food Preservation
(Not Your Granny's Canning!)
11 am - 12 pm

PresenterSusan Gentilcore, All Things Preserved

Cost: No cost to attend
Event Description: When you think of preserving, do you picture rows of mason jars in your grandmother's cellar? While that is a fabulous way to preserve food, there are so many other options! Join Susan as she takes you through several fun and tasty methods of food preservation.

Presenter Bio: Susan Gentilcore founded All Things Preserved with a mission to raise awareness about environmental issues and the benefits of living a zero waste lifestyle. Through her company, Susan makes and sells reusable household items that are sustainable alternatives to single use disposables. She also runs workshops and facilitates discussions that have an environmental or homesteading focus.

Link to recording:

Susan Gentilcore, All things Preserved, , presenter at Resilience Festival.jpg
Fun with Food Preservation (2).jpg
Seedlings, To grow or not to grow?!
A primer on starting your own plants at home
12 - 12:45 pm

Cost:  Free

Confirmed Time: Saturday, March 27 from 12 - 12:45 pm

Event Description: This will be a brief but comprehensive look at starting your own seedlings at home, the benefits, the challenges, and some tips to consider. 

Presenter Bio: Hello, I'm Seb Ramirez, "The Community Farmer" and  co-founder of Zocalo Community Farm. The last decade of my life has been dedicated to learning food production in its myriad forms. My journey to becoming an organic farmer has been challenging as well as rich and rewarding! I absolutely love sharing my passion for growing food regardless of the scale you are working on!

Seb Ramirez , presenter at Resilience Festival.png
Seed Saving Basics
1 - 2 pm

Presenter: Lisa Conroy

Cost: To donate to our education program click here and choose Ignatius Farm. To donate to the Guelph Seed Library click here (the Seed Library is part of the Guelph Tool Library) and email to let them know your donation is for the seed library.

Event Description: Are you interested in starting to save your own seeds but not sure where to start?  Join us for this discussion about what you need to think about in order to save your seed and how to store it! This workshop is brought to you by the Ignatius Farm New Farmer Training Program in collaboration with the Guelph Seed Library.

Presenter Bio: Lisa Conroy is the Farm Educator at Ignatius Farm, the past coordinator for the Guelph Seed Library, and current member of the Guelph seed library steering committee.  Lisa has run her own small farm just outside of Guelph and has been playing with seed saving for many years.  Lisa currently runs the Ignatius Farm New Farmer Training Program.

Link to recording:

Seed saving basics online workshop.png
Lisa , presenter at Resilience Festival.jpg
DIY Easy Care Container Garden
2 - 3 pm


Presenters: Joy Sammy and Arvinder Pannu, 10C

Event: DIY Easy Care Container Garden

Cost: FREE with a Donation Option.

Event Description: Learn the basics of container gardening and work through a step by step tutorial on how to build the core facets of the container garden bucket. Feel confident to tackle this project at home! 

Presenter Bios: 10C Shared Space is the hub for community changemakers in Guelph. We are a not for profit social enterprise creating a platform for those working across sectors and engaging in collaborative work to improve our community. Joy is the Community Connector at 10C and Arvinder Pannu is the Community Engagement Coordinator. 

Joy Sammy, presenter at Resilience Festival.jpg
Arvinder Pannu , presenter at Resilience Festival.jpg
Learn to Knit 
for the complete beginner!
3 - 3:30 pm

Presenter: Gail Bartlett


Confirmed Time: Saturday March 27th from 3:00 to 3:30 followed by Jill Gill’s “Learn to Darn” class.

Event Description: You will learn two stitches – the Cast On and the Knit stitch.  You will need a pair of knitting needles and a ball of wool. 

Presenter Bio: Gail is a lifelong knitter, having learned the craft from her mother over 60 years ago.  Retirement hasn’t provided as much time to knit as planned, but she still enjoys the gentle art of knitting.

Link to Recording:

Learn to Darn Your Socks
(or other holey, knitted clothing)
3:30 - 4 pm
Presenter: Jill Gill

Cost: Free

Event Description: Jill will be demonstrating darning of socks (technique will also work for sweater/t-shirt/gloves, mittens, etc.)   To participate, bring a holey sock, etc.; some wool (as close to the weight used to knit the sock  - this can be matching or contrasting colour); a darning needle; scissors; and darning egg or tennis-size ball - smooth surfaced is best).  Hand sewing only - no machine required.

Presenter Bio: Jill Gill is a former instructor of Theatrical Costuming in the Drama Department at the University of Guelph.  More recently (before Covid lockdown) she has been spending several hours weekly mending clothing at Chalmers Community Services Centre in downtown Guelph, and The Repair Cafe, as well as quilting, sewing and knitting in her spare time.

Darning socks workshop
Jill Gill, , presenter at Resilience Festival
Potluck dinner
6 - 8 pm

Host: Jon Gagnon, Ecovillage Guelph


Presenter Bio:

Event Description: 2020; need we say more? Join Ecovillage Guelph for a virtual potluck as well as breakout sessions to meet-up and discuss how community can help create a more inclusive, resilient and healthy future together.

Breakout Session Topics:

Ask An Ecovillager -  From the mundane, day-to-day minutia to the big picture visioning and mission development, come with questions answered by current and former ecovillagers.

Communal Meet-up/Open Space - Meet new and old friends, catch up and connect in (virtual) community!   


Plus Special Guests:


Ben Polley, Evolve Builders:

Join Ben Polley of Evolve Builders to discuss building your community structures with natural materials and with high efficiency in mind! Bring your questions and ideas!


Junction Village:

A swimmable pond with a natural, mossy water slide for kids? A sauna that can be reserved by community members? A communal kitchen for groups to host potlucks, events, and cooking classes? Join us to hear the principles and design ideas for the Junction Village Guelph, an intentional community in the heart of the Junction neighbourhood near downtown Guelph. Come ready to share feedback, and co-create what’s possible to foster joy and connection in an urban setting.