Photo of chicken taken at Coyote Hollow Farms by Alex Browne

2021 Festival is now over and was a big success!   See you in 2022 – hopefully in person!​

It's been a decade! We are excited to celebrate our 10th Annual Transition Guelph Resilience Festival, March 21 - 27, 2021! 


A celebration of spring and community for one and all, it’s all about sustainable food, community resiliency, collective healing, and supporting our local community! And Guelph is extremely fortunate to have internationally renowned experts in all aspects right here in our community!  

This year’s festival will be looking a little different as we’ve adapted to hosting it online! There will be many opportunities to connect with one another as well as attend virtual workshops, presentations, Q&A sessions with our presenters! Keep your eyes peeled for updates about presenters and registrations! 

what people said about the 2021 festival

Re: Earth Hour Potluck

  “We were delighted to see the conversations organically going on for hours. That was great to see.”

Re: Keynote Presentation

 “I've made the recent decision to take a leave of absence from my job to do the full-season new farmer training program. I'm both excited and nervous about the career transition but after watching your presentation last night I was reassured that it's the right thing to do."

Re: Vegan/Vegetarian Kitchen Workshop

"I cook a lot, but my partner is vegetarian so I want to learn more about that. Honestly, I got a lot out of the workshop! Kim answered a lot of questions I've had about eating vegetarian, and I got a couple great recipes too!"


getting the most out of the virtual festival 

Throughout this year's virtual festival, we will be using zoom for all of our workshops. But if you miss anything, don't despair! Every session will be recorded and available online after the festival. Participate by asking questions or joining the chat during sessions, and share a selfie of yourself during the festival, tagging @transitionguelph and be entered in a draw for a cool prize!

2021's SCHEDULE at a glance



10 - 11 am

Your Vegan/Vegetarian Kitchen: Basics, Family Friendly and Local!

Kim, Nourish at 10C

11 am - 1 pm


Active Hope: Resilience in Challenging Times

Sally Ludwig, Transition Guelph

1 - 2 pm

Nurturing the Inner Self

Jessica Short

3 - 4 pm

Getting young people back to the land.

Alex Savatti, MA

7 - 8 pm

Zero Waste

Nancy Lotecki-Neely 



7 - 8 pm

Meal Prepping to Avoid Waste

Celeste Lopreiato,  The Conscious Kitchen



7 - 8 pm 
Root Cellaring

Ian Findlay




No Workshops



7 - 8 pm


Steve Tedesco. Transition Guelph



7 - 8 pm

Dances of an Elastic Band

Tanya Lucia



10 - 11 am

The Secret Life of Honey Bees

Collete Mesher, Miel Rebel Honey

11 am - 12 pm

Fun with Food Preservation (Not Your Granny's Canning!)

Susan Gentilcore, All Things Preserved

12 - 12:45 pm

Seedlings, To grow or not to grow?!

Seb Ramirez

1 - 2 pm

Seed Saving Basics

Lisa Conroy, Ignatius Farm

2 - 3 pm

DIY Easy Care Container Garden

Joy Sammy and Arvinder Pannu, 10C

3 - 3:30 pm

Learn to Knit for Complete Beginners!

Gail Bartlett

3:30 - 4 pm

Learn to Darn Your Socks (or other holey, knitted clothing)

Jill Gill

6 - 8 pm

Earth Hour Potluck Dinner

Hosted by Jon Gagnon, Ecovillage Guelph


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