Resilience 2015 is Coming!

March 21 to 28

The fifth annual Transition Guelph Resilience Festival is now in the planning stages! This website is the go-to place for all of the news and information about the upcoming Resilience 2015 Community Festival, so please check back soon for details of upcoming events, keynote speakers, workshops, and our eighth annual Earth Hour candlelight potluck dinner, featuring great local food, great company, awards, fun, and some surprise entertainment!

Great food by candlelight!
The Resilience 2012 Earth Hour Potluck

Transition Guelph is a grassroots, citizen-led organization whose goal is to strengthen our community's resilience, enhance its sustainability and improve quality of life for all of our city's inhabitants.

Our global community faces many challenges, now and in the coming years: our climate is changing rapidly, natural resources and sources of non-renewable energy are depleting, renewable resources are being drawn down faster than they can be replenished, and ecosystems all over the globe are under ever-increasing stress.

Not only that, all these factors are putting escalating strain on an economic system founded on continuous growth that is already bumping up against the limits of what is possible in a finite world.

It's the goal of the global Transition movement to build communities that can survive and thrive under these changing conditions, and have the ability to respond to these challenges creatively, constructively, and collaboratively.

This Year's Theme will be "Unleash Your Awesome!"

For us, that means finding the potential in every one of us to come together and make a difference. The Transition model focuses on taking small scale, positive action through volunteering with working groups and projects about which you feel passionate. We believe that the passion to make change exists in all of us, and we want to provide the opportunity for each member of our community to become engaged! For many, the Resilience Festival is the first step to getting involved in making the change they want to see.

Over the years, our annual Resilience Festival has grown in both size and popularity, and we expect this year will be bigger and better than ever! With over 1000 people in attendance and the support of over 50 volunteers, the festival will host a number of talks, workshops, and other events that all provide an opportunity for organizations, businesses, families, and individuals to come together to build community, learn together, and celebration social and environmental commitment to our community.

Unleashing your awesome

We hope that you'll join us in celebrating our wonderful community and learning about how we can all come together to create a more resilient Guelph!

Itís one of the major goals of the Transition movement to strengthen our communities by helping us to recover that sense of closeness, connection, engagement and collaboration.

We believe it's far better to be proactive than reactive.

There is already much good work being done in our community! Many local organizations are working hard to build a secure future in everything from water management and protection to urban tree-cover restoration, community gardening, local Community Shared Agriculture, food-forest planting, land stewardship, forming neighbourhood associations, developing and promoting sources of renewable energy, and the preservation of heritage seeds and livestock, and most importantly, building stronger, more vibrant communities! And that is what the Resilience festival wants to celebrate. But there is still much more to do, and that's the other side of the Resilience Festivals, to enlighten, inspire, educate and engage.

Alexander Hall at U of G filling up
Resilience 2013 Festival Opening Keynotes

So stay tuned. There are lots of Transition Guelph events coming up this year, and lots of opportunities to get involved, and bring your vision, your energy and your passion to help co-create a better, more sustainable future!

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